is SCAM!

Another new referral scam arrived and perhaps you’ve seen this during your web session or chatting with your friends on Facebook. The other day, one of my good friends sent me a referral link of and asked me to click the link and sign up if I would be interested. According to him it was sent also to him by his relative from US. Well, let’s try I replied, though I don’t want to oppose the excitement of my friend, I hadn’t told him yet about my huge idea regarding the matter that time. I clicked and signed up for new account, and guess what the things I found out.


For new account you will be given an initial total earnings of 25 USD (Wow!) but you should reach a minimum of 300 USD that will be approved by their system for you to withdraw and receive through any money transfer service such as PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, etc. To get the minimum required earnings, you need to share your given link on Facebook, for instance, and each click will give you 5 USD. Therefore, I need 60+ clicks to hit my target.

When my target was hit, it was about to learn all the tricks behind of this scam (lol because I was expecting it). Finally I could see the line saying “Congratulations Your Payment Approved,” but to get to the next withdrawal process I must complete one of the surveys to check whether the account holder (that’s me) is human or not and it sounds legit.

Moving on, I clicked the link “Click here to open survey” and the real show had begun. The link brought me to a download page ( telling me that I need to download something and to get it I must complete one of the surveys; oh, I thought it was just a survey but not at all.

img1 - Copy

According to the survey page one completed survey is enough to unlock the download and to continue to the withdrawal process but I did all the surveys because nothing happened after I completed the first survey I took. Perhaps, my Internet connection went slow; so the next day at my office, I tried again the survey but now only one survey was available. I took the survey as usual and nothing happened as yesterday. The loading bar at the download page continues to process as if the download will begin shortly. As usual nothing was new.

The very last decision I made was to send them an email. It’s great that they provided an email address (, but after a few seconds a notice popped up to my inbox and said that the my message I sent failed to deliver to the recipient. Hmmm, therefore, I’ve been right all about this!

I am too much aware of this scheme, I just made this post for my friends out there who are convinced and eventually they will realize that they have wasted their time and efforts. Another info in my digging, the was created 11th of May, 2013 and it will expire on 20th of October 2013, according to, but because the receives heavy traffic, which means they get good profit out of this scam, it still exists in our browser.

I hope this helps you even a little. Enjoy Internet surfing.

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43 thoughts on “ is SCAM!

  1. it was really helpful. Infact I got the same link from one of my freinds and I felt to give it thought and google it and find your post, got interested and thought of reading it.. and it was really helpful.. thanks for saving my time. But how do they get profit?

    • Hi there, they get earnings through our clicks. If you notice around the web, most of the time when you download something, you are redirected to a survey page that locks you up until you finish at least one survey, the trick is to make traffic and make you click their ads, then every cut off period all clicks will be counted by the companies who hired them to do the advertising and pay them. The more click the better.


        So this is my story,i created a payvilla account yesterday,and today i posted ads on social sites,i am currently around $350 total earnings,so i tried to click fill in the survey but nothing,i was using my i was like,my phone and hitches again lol,i went to the cyber but again nothing….i sent them an email seeking assistance on filling the survey and 2 seconds later i got a message that my mail failed and that there doesnt exist any such recepient….i almost cried, $300 in one day was a big dream,the only difference is that i was awake lol

      • @Nancy… lol it’s a lesson to be learned that good cash can be earned through hardship and honesty, and at the end of the day, counting ourselves in such promising scam makes us ridiculous…anyway be safe and be good to all even for these scammers and cheaters.

    • Clicker links. Email addresses, circles, etc from Sign-ups. Advertiser funding from the – Downloads and Survey Companies.

  2. Perhaps, doing scam for them is one of effective ways to earn money; it is just a matter of how to see it in business world, but of course I won’t absolutely do that evil thing.

  3. i totally tell you guys it is not true game cause i did 305$ but i didn’t go to next step to take money it is just waste time. i recommend you don’t play ever this game. i do not know who opened this kind of ling is fucking games do not!! do not !! do not !! play this game.

  4. Oh my —-!!!! I’m really in need of money now but then since I’ve remembered I had this account, I did everything hoping to get something out of it… Now, BOOM! huhuhu… So sad.

  5. This complete shit, after wasting all my time inviting people and reaching $380 only for this creminals to suspend the account, I can not login again, and tomorrow 5Nov is the day they said that is there payout date, even to survey it which they insisted was not possible, A very big Scam

  6. Thank you for sharing your experiences and help us to not waste our time and efforts.

    Would any friend like to tell me about who also claim to earn by viewing their ads and their payout is %50. It this site scam too? Please.

  7. Fuck you payvilla….. i made 245$ ….i expected thire cheating….so motherfuckers you must understand that i made this much $ with in 10 min….i clicked your fucking link my self using proxys……so i fucked you…i never shared to any one……

  8. Heythanks thanks …….as me to tried this but after the payment approval we got a survey …..And the biggest deed is that we get nothing in return ……it’s just a wastage of time………thanks for saving mind And time

  9. Hi.. to all…..
    please don’t waist your time … relay fake thing….. if anyone able ,please file case against this domain name and server…. so that wont do this thing again………

    • A Case against this domain name & Server, hmm I’d back that. Who do we file the case with? Who manages the internet and blocks those responsible for these SCAMS???

  10. I made $365 and was told to complete a survey before getting a request form. Its 4 days now still trying the unsuccessful survey. Thnks 4 saving my tym wich was being wasted in trying the survey

  11. cheers because i was planing on doing it but i always research stuff and if there was only a few of u saying bad things i wud of thought u cant make every1 happy but u cant all be wrong thanks help alot and saved alot of time

  12. I also wasted my time on this…earned $300in two days but all wasted.. Everytime it sys no surveys in ur region. And when i send them a mail an automated reply comes that “we will get back toyou in3-4 days”. But its more than 10 days no reply. Its a big big scam

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